[Review] Nip+Fab Dragon’s Blood Fix Plumping Mask

(sorry for the long pause, i was assigned to a new role in the company i’m working at and i was drowning in new, never-ending series of tasks *sigh*)

today i’m going to give a review on one of my mask collection (yes, i’m a mask-hoarder and there will be tons of review on face masks on this blog), it is Nip+Fab Dragon’s Blood Fix Plumping Mask that i purchased along with the Glycolic Fix Night Pads few months ago. please don’t be startled by the name “Dragon’s Blood” because no actual dragon was harmed in the process :))
what is it?
the brand claims this product as “an intensely hydrating gel mask combining multiple skin perfecting complexes to plump the look of wrinkles and refine the skin’s appearance for a brighter, more youthful looking complexion.
texture and impression:
it’s a clear gel wash-off mask that doesn’t dry no matter how long you put it on, and the packaging even says that you can use it as an overnight mask (i haven’t tried it yet, though.) this mask contains alcohol and fragrance in the first 10 ingredients so i don’t think this will suit sensitive skin, but it doesn’t matter for me because my skin has never reacted badly to any of these ingredients. i put it on after exfoliating toner because i thought it would give a soothing effect (but it didn’t lmao) then i left it for 20 mins before i rinsed it away and my skin did become softer and plumper though i didn’t notice any brightening effect.
final thoughts:
the mask really does its job on hydrating and plumping my skin, it makes my face looks really fresh afterwards. however, this mask doesn’t help when it comes to dullness and uneven skin tone, so i tend to reach for another mask whenever i want to have “that glow”. but still, i enjoy the bouncy texture of my cheeks after use this mask, it’s a lifesaver when my skin becomes too dry and flaky.

…. no. i love the result but i don’t think i want to repurchase, because at a considerably high pricepoint (IDR 429K on benscrub) you’ll only get 50 mL of product which means it would only last for approximately 10 times of usage, meanwhile there are so many other options in the world of “hydrating mask” that will only cost you half the price of this mask, so i guess i’ll just go for another option once i finish this tube. if you have a very dry skin AND you don’t mind spending that much on a small tube of mask, then you should totally give it a try.

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