New Year, New Site!

To be honest, I’m not that new-year-new-me kind of person, because you don’t need a new year to start something new, right? But, yeah, here I am anyway, starting another year with another long list of wishes and resolutions that I’ve yet to achieve. I may or may not have managed to cross out some goals in my 2017’s list, but I decided to put some of them on this year’s list again because I feel like I didn’t put enough effort last year, and topping my 2018’s resolution list is… to build a decent site and start writing, and by “writing” I mean not just casually writing and aimlessly spilling random thoughts, but seriously writing with a purpose.

I made my first blog eight years ago but I didn’t write anything at all until nearly two years later, around 2012 when I finally wrote a blog post out of nowhere, followed with other posts every once in a while, mostly about random rambles and small events that happened in my late teenager days. As I grew up, I discovered many things that I really really like: makeup, skincare, fiction books, indie bands, sneakers, coffee, sushi, sci-fi movies and tv series, train and plane ticket stubs… I find these things delightful and I want to share my thoughts on things that make me happy, so maybe, just maybe, I could make someone else happy too. I want to let people know whether this serum works or not, I want to let people know whether the salmon sashimi in that newly opened sushi stall worth the money or not, I want to let people know that July and December are the best times to shop in Hongkong despite the crazy flight fare. I want to be a little helpful, but my problem with writing a blog is… I didn’t know how to write. I was never a journalist/writer, neither did I learn how to be one. I didn’t know how to turn a main topic into a worth-to-read essay and end it with a clear conclusion.

So I promised myself this year to learn more and more about writing and everything, write more and read even more, explore things that I like and trying things that I don’t like, expand my point of view and find new friends who care enough to discuss with, and this is why I moved my previous blog ( to this site! WOOHOO~ with better interface and easier access, I really hope you like what you’ll find here. I know that it will be a neverending journey of upgrade-and-improve, and I will feel honored if you ever decide to stick around 🙂

*so please stick around, I insist!*

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