LANY live @ Capitol Theatre Singapore |

LANY Live in Concert @ Capitol Theatre Singapore

I FINALLY WENT TO A BAND CONCERT AGAIN! *sings ~ for the first time in forever ~*

hanafadhi.comThe last time I went to a concert of my favorite band was when I was still in college. That’s about 4 years ago. I used to attend gigs and concerts but as soon as I graduated and got a full-time job as an engineer, I stopped attending concerts, even though most gigs and concerts were held during weekend but my body just didn’t want to compromise so I spent most weekends sleeping in front of my TV after binge-watching Netflix or K-dramas.

Fast forward to December 2017, I was thrilled when I got an e-mail from LiveNation saying that LANY — one of my favorite bands of all time — were returning to Singapore by the end of March and I was eligible for priority booking so I could access the tickets before they went on public sale. Of course I purchased the tickets in the speed of light hahaha.

If you think you’ve never heard of LANY, I’m pretty sure you’ve actually heard one of their songs being played on the radio, coffeeshops, retail stores, and literally everywhere. With their dreamy tunes, this LA-based indie pop band is best known for their painfully cute love song ILYSB. My personal favorite? Nearly all of their songs, but Good Girls, Hericane, and Super Far are the top three songs I often sing along everytime they come up my Spotify playlist.


Capitol Theatre Singapore (source: HSL Constructor Pte Ltd)

The concert was held in one of Singapore’s most vintage building — The Capitol Theatre, which was built in 1930. LANY’s songs about love and breakups combined with the theatre’s interior, the stage’s background, lighting, and dry ice smoke really beamed massive aesthetic vibe that is hard to forget. I was so happy that I finally could see their live performance, I danced and grinned and screamed the lyrics throughout the concert because their songs are so fun to sing along to (not to mention that Paul Klein is cute as f, I thought I was gonna explode!!!) Anyway, here’s a glimpse of the concert that I took with my phone 🙂

*note: these following photos are actually screenshots from the videos that I recorded on my phone, professional photography and videography were prohibited so yeah excuse the nasty low quality pictures, they don’t do justice to the actual vibe and Paul’s charm 😦

LANY live @ Capitol Theatre Singapore |

Song: Purple Teeth

LANY live @ Capitol Theatre Singapore |

Song: 13


Song: Yea, Babe, No Way

LANY live @ Capitol Theatre Singapore |

Song: Made in Hollywood

That’s it! Do you like LANY as much as I do? If you like this band, or if you enjoy reading this post, please give it a like so I know! 🙂

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