Where Have I Been?

Hello, it’s me again. I could’ve posted another review on a new skincare product that I’m currently using or swatches of a new eye shadow palette that I bought recently… but I decided to write a short comeback post because I feel like I should give you a brief update about what — or where I’ve been these past six months.

Yes, six months of hiatus.

So where have I been?

As an engineer who works 9-to-5 from Monday to Friday, I’m already very busy during weekdays. And as a freelance ad evaluator who just got assigned to a new, broader and more complicated project, I become three times busier than I used to be. And in the midst of my hectic work life, I managed to learn new things. I made new friends. I rediscovered my old hobbies (including doodling and watercolor painting!) I also went solo traveling to Thailand, went to KCON and met one of my ultimate favorite K-Pop group ever. In short, I’ve been living life. A very busy but surprisingly enjoyable life, where I have too many things to be thankful of and none to complain.

I know I should’ve shared some things here so I could be a little helpful instead of being silent and useless for half a year. Seeing my blog’s traffic for these past six months makes me feel bad because I still got tons of new visitors everyday despite my inactivity. I apologize for the lack of updates, believe me I have a handful of drafts that I’ve already finished, so expect several posts from me in near future 🙂




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