[Review] Rollover Reaction Cushion Compact SPF 27 Tinted Moisturizer

Never in my life had I thought that I would be so eager to try a local-made cushion compact before.

I’m always very skeptical when it comes to cushion compacts. Take it from someone who have tried a few cushion compacts from Korean brands – the gods of cushion compacts – I found these cushion compacts were somewhat hard to use. It was either a bit too drying and cakey, or too oily it kept sliding off my skin. Probably it was because these cushions were formulated for those who live in Korea and other four seasoned parts of the world that these cushions refused to perform well in a tropical all-year-round-humid country like Indonesia. Or maybe it was just me who had yet to find a cushion compact decent enough to be kept around. And by decent, I mean not only fitting to my skin formula wise but shade wise as well. Heck, it was hard as hell to find a compact cushion that matches my tan skin when the majority of Korean compact cushions usually come in fair / light shades.

That’s why I became excited when Rollover Reaction announced the newest addition of compact cushion to their collection, as this is my first time trying a local-made cushion compact. Again, I was actually a bit skeptical at first, because it was formulated in Korea too and it could be another hit-or-miss for me. But since Rollover Reaction is my favorite brand, and considering the affordable price tag – IDR 195.000!?! – it wouldn’t hurt if it failed. Their shade range seem to match the majority of Indonesian skin tone, if the formula didn’t work well on my skin at least I wouldn’t look ghostly pale either.Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

First Impression

I bought the shade 102 – Honey toast, and it arrived safely in a pink bubble wrap pouch along with the product description card and a complimentary mirror key chain that I picked from their website. The compact’s outer box screams Rollover Reaction’s signature style, always simple but classy. No frills, no bullshit, yadda yadda.

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The compact is a bit bulkier compared to the Korean ones, but it feels sturdy and does not look like a cheap plastic compact albeit the super affordable price. When you open it up, you’ll get pretty much what can be found in any other cushion compact: a mirror, a puff, a plastic separator, and the cushion itself. The mirror inside is of a decent quality (ha, this is something you’ll notice when you’ve had too many beauty products with mirrors inside) and it’s wrapped with a thin plastic film that I didn’t notice it was there at first. The cushion is also secured with a seal in matching blush pink color. Props to Rollover Reaction design team, the color scheme of the entire packaging is +++.

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One thing I’ve noticed about this cushion compact is how well the puff performs. From the reviews I’ve read on Instagram and Sociolla, people have been raving non-stop about the puff. It applies the product very nicely and evenly and it absorbs almost little to no product. I kid you not. The puff looks almost clean as new the moment I finish tapping the product on my skin, and nothing comes out when I pinched the puff. AH-MAZING. I tried to apply the product with Real Technique’s sponge but the result didn’t come out as nice because the sponge absorbed more product and the coverage became more sheer.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

the puff after being used

On their website, they claimed that Honey Toast is for medium skin with yellow undertone. I don’t second that claim, because I have a true medium skin with yellow undertone but this shade turns out to be sliiightly lighter than what I expected. Thank god it doesn’t turn my skin gray though.

I find the formula of this tinted moisturizer cushion to be quite buildable and I haven’t found any obstacle in applying it. It comes off as sheer-to-medium at first but you can tap an extra layer for more coverage. I have a teeny tiny mole on my left cheek and it’s still totally visible under the coverage, but I notice the acne marks are hidden pretty well. I don’t have too many or too prominent scars though, so I can’t speak for people who suffer from severe acne, but it’s safe to say that the formula has a pretty high coverage for a tinted moisturizer.

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The finish is more of a natural dewy kind and I honestly like it a lot. Not overly moisturizing, and not dead matte either. Note that my skin is more of a normal type, so I don’t know if this formula would perform well on a much drier skin with dry patches. If you have an oily skin type, I believe this cushion just won’t work for you because it will slide off your skin quickly. I’m using BLP or Laura Mercier translucent loose powder to set and it lasts for a decent 6 hours on me before it starts cracking on my smile lines and the sides of my nose. It gets a bit shinier on my forehead and nose, but not overly oily and no major sliding-off and it can always be fixed with a dab of tissue. It transfers a bit though, if you want to stay on point throughout the day you have to carry the cushion compact along with a setting powder to touch up your look.

Final Verdict

I can say that this is quite great of a cushion compact coming from a local brand. Not that I have tried any other local-made cushion compact, but judging from not only the formula but also the entire concept and packaging, this cushion is already very well made even though there are also few things that could be improved. The shade options and undertone already fit Indonesian skin tones but I wish they would expand their shade range because you can’t fit an entire range of skin tone into just three shades.

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I’m quite fond of this compact cushion, and IDR 195.000 is a really fair price point for a cushion compact but I’m not sure about repurchasing it as soon as I finish the cushion because I have a handful of foundations and tinted moisturizers that match my skin tone better. However I do recommend it if you have a normal skin type and keen on rocking a natural dewy look on a daily basis, or if you don’t fancy the heavy feeling of a foundation on your skin but still want the similar kind of coverage. As for me, I think I will repurchase only if they add more shades between their current shade range.


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