five things to be thankful for today

  1. there was a kitten in front of my office’s lobby. her mom was usually around and she was really protective of her kitten but this morning she was off to hunt something, so i sat there to pet the kitten and she was melting on my palm. it was so cute my heart exploded!!!
  2. my lunchbox was delicious. i ate everything inside haha
  3. Monsta X – Find You MV was released today. the song is not their usual style but it’s still really really nice and the cinematic MV is really touching. can’t wait for the full album to be released!
  4. Jooheon posted selcas with his cat Yoshi. i am weak.
  5. i lost my dad 11 years ago, my life fell apart and i was lost but now i’m here, so… that’s also something to be thankful for, right? thank you for being my father and giving me this life, pi. watch me try harder and live better from up there, will you? 🙂

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